Electrophotonics – Science & Spirit of LIGHT

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OM: Welcome into the Universe of Light + Energy. I wish to share my 20 + Years of exploration in the GDV + Bio-Well systems that reveal the flows of Light, Water, Energy in all living systems. 

Understanding that we are essentially water is the key to unraveling the mysteries of the UNIVERSE.  The various events that unfold throughout a person’s life are reflected in water. The individual and society make up one enormous ocean. By adding our individual drops to this ocean, we participate in the formation of Societies + Awakening the Supramental Nature of Mind.  
Social Experiment: As the community of Taos (where I reside) gathered together at the Stables Gallery for a ceremony to empower the wellness of the community, we studied the energy response of water with a team of students from the University of New Mexico, using the science of Bio-Electrography and measuring the response of water using Electrophotonics, with technology of GDV/Bio-Well (http://gdvusa.org/bio-well.html) (http://krishnamadappa.com/about-bio-well/)

The Image reveals the GDV, Bio-Photon energy of (a) Base Line Water & (b) Water after Ceremony.
Not only was the Water’s energy vitally radiant and sweet after the ceremony, the water also had a flowery pleasant bouquet, illustrating the power of LOVE…….. which is LIGHT………which is our LUMINOUS PRESENCE + ESSENCE. The ceremonious water was joyfully savored by ALL the community participants. OM
More inspiring and provocative insights will continue in my blogs………….towards empowering “Conscious Acts of Creation”……..that will ennoble LIFE to THRIVE in ALL………which is the imprint of LiFe. 
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